Tuesday, November 24, 2009

R O L L  S E R I E S

My good friend Jacob Koestler is putting out a new publication called Roll Series. I'm exited to be a part of it (second set) and can't wait to see to see them. It's bound to be epic!

ROLL SERIES is a new collection of pocket-sized books from My Idea of Fun. Each book features one unedited roll of 35mm film by each artist. The books will be released in sets of three. The first set includes work by Ed Panar, Emmy Volkar and Ian Rummell.

Purchase Information:
Available for purchase on November 27, 2009 at myideaoffun.org/rollseries.

Submission Information:
We are now accepting submissions for future editions of ROLL SERIES.
For specific guidelines, please visit myideaoffun.org/rollseries

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