Friday, May 2, 2008


untitled (pink pillows on bed), st. louis mo, 2006

we finally finished moving this week and i'm tired… happy, but tired. we sold our house and are now renting. the new place is actually bigger than our house and it's all on one floor, something i'm really getting into. i'm looking forward to a nice relaxing summer, free of yard work and worrying that our air conditioner is going to shoot craps. and who knows, maybe i'll have some time to take photos again. i'm already feeling inspired by the new and naturally brighter space.


Eli said...

this is great.

Mel Trittin said...

I had lost track of you and am pleased to find you again through Tethered. Now that I have your blog entered in Google Reader I can follow your strong work.

the bean's mommy said...

I really like this photo. it is very minimalistic.